Ongoing Work - Tree of Life

Leading on from ‘Threads through Revelation’ Jacqui is now working on ‘Tree of Life’ which will consist of three large panels (each approximately 3m x 3m) for cathedrals and large churches. Many cathedrals have said they would like to exhibit a smaller exhibition than 'Threads through Revelation' - but one that still has a big impact.

Each of the three panels will be focused around one story - a story that involves a journey. And the ‘tree of life’ is at the center of the story. The first panel is an old testament story - the journey away from the tree of life in the Garden of Eden - guarded by angels and a flaming sword. [Gen. 3:24] The second panel will focus on the Easter story with the tree of life at its center - the tree on which Jesus was killed - the pivotal act that brings together our first view of the tree in Genesis and our last view of the tree in Revelation. The third panel is the final story found in Revelation and is the journey towards the tree of life that brings about the healing of the nations in the context of eternity. Quite a story!

1. The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden
A turning away from the Tree that gives Life.

2. The Tree of Life on which the Son of God was crucified
The death of Christ on the Tree - which makes Life possible for all.

3. The Tree of Life in the New Heaven and Earth
Everything made new - and at the center the perpetually fruitful Tree.

The three panels tell one story - one journey. The breaking of the relationship between God and His created people - the life and death of Jesus which can bring all people back into relationship with God - and finally the story of eternity where the relationship is fully restored as in the Garden of Eden.

Alongside the panels a guide and a book on the exhibition are also planned.

This project will take nine months so should be ready to tour by the summer of 2018 - it will cost approximately £30 000 - if you know of any individual, group or charity that might consider contributing some towards this project do email us. And if you know of any group who would value holding the exhibition at their venue again do contact us. Thank you so much for your interest!